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Unapologetically Authentic

Kristi talks about how lonely she felt in the ‘Mommy wine culture,’ shares how her husband’s infidelity led to their divorce, and gives us a glimpse into what her sober life is like today.

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Bright Minds of the Future

A recipient of the prestigious Korean Government Scholarship Program, Bojana is pursuing her dreams to become a film director. She is currently enrolled in graduate school in Seoul where she is studying film-making.

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Jeff is Wicked Sobah

Jeff opens up about his past drug and alcohol addiction, shares how he got through the early days of sobriety, and talks about how he has moved from guilt and shame to acceptance and forgiveness.

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Life after Korea: Doug Baumwoll

Doug is a thinker, a philosopher, and a traveler. He has over 20 years of teaching experience in Korea, Spain, India, and Costa Rica. He has also worked as a freelance Spanish teacher. In December 2018, he was diagnosed with giloblastoma, the most aggressive type of brain cancer. He joins

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Stump Kitchen with Alexis!

In this naked conversation, Alexis gives us the backstory on how Stump Kitchen came to be, shares about finding love and raising a child, and talks about letting go of the judgments and perceptions of others.

His Authentic Offering

In this naked conversation, Myles reflects on how art has shaped and continues to shape his life, shares what it means to be a gay artist, and discusses specific pieces that are extra special to him.

A Wanderer with a Purpose

Viet Vo talks about the events that pushed him to take a leap of faith and move to NYC, land his dream role in the theater production, Vietgone, and reveals what it’s like being an Asian-American actor.