Stump Kitchen with Alexis!

I had the honor of interviewing this incredible individual about living with a limb difference and how her YouTube channel, Stump Kitchen, evolved into a sacred space for communities around the world, and how it is giving voice to those that never had one.

In this naked conversation, she gives us the backstory on how Stump Kitchen came to be, shares about finding love and raising a child, and talks about letting go of the judgments and perceptions of others.

Alexis joins us from Edmonton, Canada.

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1 thought on “Stump Kitchen with Alexis!”

  1. Thank you BB and Alexis for being the courageous wonderful women you both are. Alexis, I am proud of you. I honor your joyful spirit.
    BB, I appreciate your sense of knowing that allows you to find such warm and caring people who share their story!!

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