Stump Kitchen with Alexis!

In this naked conversation, Alexis gives us the backstory on how Stump Kitchen came to be, shares about finding love and raising a child, and talks about letting go of the judgments and perceptions of others.

His Authentic Offering

In this naked conversation, Myles reflects on how art has shaped and continues to shape his life, shares what it means to be a gay artist, and discusses specific pieces that are extra special to him.

A Wanderer with a Purpose

Viet Vo talks about the events that pushed him to take a leap of faith and move to NYC, land his dream role in the theater production, Vietgone, and reveals what it’s like being an Asian-American actor.

Have you Heard of Chronic Movement?

At the age of 28, doctors diagnosed Rachel with MS. Instead of falling apart, she completely turned her life around and now almost three years later, she is the healthiest she has ever been in her entire life.

Richly Blessed and Highly Favored

Donovan talks about what it was like to find meaning and purpose in life after his double lung transplant surgery, talks about survivor’s guilt, and shares his passion for his work in addiction and counseling.

Teacher of the Year Chooses Sobriety

Jessica Dueñas opens up about how teaching sometimes left her feeling empty, shares a dark period of heavy alcohol abuse when her partner died from an overdose, and talks about getting help and living a sober life.

Forever a Rock & Roll Queen

Barbara has traveled and played gigs in rock bands for as long as she can remember. She has rescued and held a bald eagle. She has driven more than 6,500 people in her car.

She Loves Her Wife and Twins

Erin shares how she and her wife decided who would conceive their child, talks about the unexpected surprise when they found out they were carrying twins, and tells us why she chose to become a surrogate for her best friend.

A Mother and Son’s Journey with Cystic Fibrosis

Beth Gobeil opens up about what it was like to almost lose her son, Donovan, to CF, talks about how she moved through anxiety and grief through the unknown, and shares how writing became a way to not only share Donovan’s story, but to heal from the pain and uncertainty.

Despite It All, She Thrives

In this conversation, Liz bravely shares why she decided to go through with gastric sleeve weight loss surgery, reveals her painful trauma of being raped and bullied, and opens up about her sexuality.